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A little moody, a lotta color

Envision yourself experiencing the beauty of your wedding day, where every little detail is gracefully captured, loved ones and guests are gathered around in joy and celebration, and the scenery is staged in elegance and sophistication. This is what our fine art wedding photography aims to deliver- an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of love and happiness in every picture.

Not only do we specialize in weddings, we are also passionate about photographing the intimate moments of elopements and boudoir, accentuating the beauty and emotion of each shot. With a focus on chasing the perfect sunset, capturing genuine laughter, and real life fairytales, our photography style is authentic and timeless.

From the picturesque state of Maryland, to the rolling hills of West Virginia, the stunning landscapes of Virginia, and beyond, our passion for photography has taken us worldwide. If you’re seeking that touch of magic and elegance to your photographs, let us capture the beauty of your special day, wherever that may be.

when all you need is love.

Hey, I'm Mel, and I can't wait to capture your story!

Hiya, gorgeous! As a full-time wedding photographer, I must say that I’m extremely fortunate to have found a profession that I’m passionately in love with. For over seven years now, I’ve been blessed to witness beautiful love stories unfold in front of me, and capture them in all their glory.

But, that’s not all there is to me! I’m an adventure seeker, and nothing brings me more joy than travelling the world, exploring old, mysterious houses and castles, and taking really long road trips. When I’m not busy chasing the perfect shot, I love to dabble in cross-stitching, explore different cuisines (Mexican food is my favourite!), and lose myself in the aisles of bookstores for hours.

So, that’s me in a nutshell – a wedding photographer, a traveller, an explorer, a foodie, and a bookworm!


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