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Road Trip around Iceland in 4 Days | Iceland 2022

Hey! I’m Mel, I’m a wedding photographer that’s super passionate about travel! I’m so excited to share my photos from my recent trip to Iceland and a little bit about what we got up to. It was a super quick trip, and luckily I was able to visit again in February 2023 (another post to come soon!). Enjoy!

The Game Plan

Because we had such a short amount of time, we had to prioritize what landmarks we wanted to see. After going through suggestions on Pinterest, I created a favorites list on google maps to get a better idea of where we wanted to go. Most of the things we wanted to see were on the right and south side of the island, and then quite a few of the touristy destinations closer to the capital city of Reykjavik. When explaining this to others, I say imagine Iceland is like a clock, and to imagine that Akureyri is 12:00 and Reykjavik is at 8:00. To save ourselves some time, we cut out the part of the island between 8:00 and 12:00 by catching a charter plane. Typically this would be about a 5-7 hour drive!

Points of interest. hearts = landmarks, squares = our stays

from the flight to Keflavik


There’s a practically brand new Icelandic airline called PLAY that offers, in my opinion, really affordable flights to Iceland (and connecting flights to a few other places – like London!) from Baltimore (BWI). However, the flights are typically red-eyes so you arrive around 5am! As soon as we landed in Keflavik we hopped in a taxi because had a connecting flight from Reykjavik’s domestic airport in town.


Flight into Reykjavik and First full day in Akureyri/Grenivik

As soon as we landed in Akureyri, we rented a car and immediately drove north up the right side of the fjord to Grenivík. Needless to say, this was the best introduction to Iceland that we could’ve asked for. We made this 30 minute drive four times and every time it was breathtaking!

our airbnb in grenivik
the view from our airbnb

After a quick four hour nap, we headed back down to Akureyri for lunch/dinner at Bautinn.. then did a bit of shopping, went to the market for snacks, and finally to visit the Christmas House!

Town of Akureyri

On the way back up to the AIRBNB.. I asked my dad to stop so I could get a few photos (a reoccurring theme throughout the trip haha).

Laufas heritage site and museum
fnjoska river facing south and then down the river a bit facing north


North East Iceland and the East Coast

Our goal this day more than anything was to to find Puffins! But we had SO much to see on the way there.. I’m not gonna lie, this was probably the most full on day we had. The amount of ground we covered still amazes me. Anyway, here’s a few shots from that very beautiful morning on our last trek down the fjord!


Godafoss (Fall of the gods)


mom and dad!
loved the color of this lichen


This is the part where we made our way off of ring road to go to Borgarfjörður Eystri to see the puffins.. let me just say, not for faint of heart, and it’s quite a drive! But the views are 100% worth it. It just takes about 2 hours to get there from the main road! One way in… and one way out.

almost missed these guys on the way back!


South Coast: Part One

The rainiest, coldest day so far. We ended up staying at Hótel Breiddalsvik, which was very small but their breakfast bar and rainbow road entrance was worth it!

Here are some photos from the long stretch of drive we had to the next stop on the map.


Had some lunch at the Viking cafe, ran by a very friendly black lab!

Glacier Lagoon and DIamond Beach

Svínafellsjökull Glacier

Fosshotel Nupar

Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon

We got to our hotel for the night, and decided to go on to our next stop! We were only about 30 mins from the canyon and we hiked the two miles up to the viewpoint at 10:30pm. Yes, PM. 🙂


South Coast: Part Two

Reynisfjara Beach

Solheimasandur Plane Wreck

really sad how vandalism has affected this plane! People have taken so many parts as souvenirs over the years, there are whole pieces missing. like the whole front part of the cockpit!

Skógafoss Waterfall

Drangurinn í Drangshlíð

Kerid Crater

the side
looking down from the top
from the bottom


Strokkur Geysir

Finally made it to Reykjavik – and like the true American’s we are, decided to try out their Taco Bell! Then headed out to the Grotto for the sunset

Day 5

Last morning in Reykjavik. We went to Sandholt and got pastries for breakfast – I got an almond vanilla danish. Swung by the penis museum for souvenirs, and went to the National Museum of Iceland as our last hurrah before going to the airport!

Thanks for checking out our trip to Iceland! Here’s a look at my first time in England. Some more adventures to add soon. 🙂 Would love to hear what you think of the photos, and I’d love to answer any questions about traveling to Iceland!

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